The Houston Astros are the 2017 World Series Champions but they aren’t the favorites to win it all in 2018.

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers came within one game of winning the club’s first title since 1988 but the oddsmakers think they have a good chance to redeem themselves next October. L.A. won 104 games this year and brings back nearly the entire roster, that according to FanGraphs, was top 5 in batting, pitching and fielding WAR. Yet, preseason World Series favorites don’t win it all.

Here is every preseason favorite, using the data from SportsOddsHistory, since 2004. In three years more than one team had the best odds to win the championship.

YearFavoriteMake PlayoffsWin World Series
2017Chicago CubsYesNo
2016Toronto Blue JaysYesNo
2015Los Angeles DodgersYesNo
Washington NationalsNoNo
2014Los Angeles DodgersYesNo
2013Detroit TigersYesNo
Washington NationalsNoNo
Los Angeles AngelsNoNo
2012Philadelphia PhilliesNoNo
2011Philadelphia PhilliesYesNo
2010New York YankeesYesNo
2009New York YankeesYesYes
2008Boston Red SoxYesNo
New York MetsNoNo
2007New York YankeesYesNo
2006New York YankeesYesNo
2005New York YankeesYesNo
2004New York YankeesYesNo

Only one squad, the 2009 New York Yankees managed to win the World Series after being pegged by the bookmakers as the favorites.

Maybe the Dodgers will be the exception to the rule but betting them now is still not a sharp play. In the chart below are the World Series favorites once the season ended since 2009 and how the odds changed over the course of the season. Of the twelve teams, bettors would be able to get a better price or the same odds on ten of the teams if they waited five months and placed a wager before opening day.

It is difficult to predict which team will win the World Series after a 162 games, trying to do so almost a year out from the playoffs is impossible. Plus, a future bet at this time ties up a chunk of your bankroll. Bottom line, don’t bet the Dodgers (right now) to win the World Series.

YearTeamAfter World SeriesBefore Season All-Star BreakBefore Playoffs
2017Chicago Cubs+375+400+1000+775
2016Toronto Blue Jays+1000+1450+1265+1350
2015Los Angeles Dodgers+650+650+650+450
Washington Nationals+650+500+650N/A
2014Los Angeles Dodgers+500+700+650+450
2013Detroit Tigers+800+850+750+500
Washington Nationals+800+750+1400N/A
Los Angeles Angels+800+800+2500N/A
2012Philadelphia Phillies+550+550+2500N/A
2011Philadelphia Phillies+350+350+275+180
2010New York Yankees+300+325+275+330
2009New York Yankees+300+300+400+175