Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Bet Labs? Think you can create a better betting system than our analysts? Now is your chance.

The “Create a Pro System” contest will give Bet Labs users, like yourself, a chance to turn a winning strategy into a Pro System. And the kicker, we will name it after you. That’s not all, the winning entry (or entries) get 3 months of Unlimited access to Bet Labs.

Here is how it works:

Create a college basketball betting system

  • March Madness is just around the corner so we want system’s people can profit from immediately

Each system should have:

  • A theory that explains why it works
  • A good sample size
  • Consistent year-to-year results

Submit a betting system to Bet Labs:

  • Send an email to help@betlabssports.com
  • Email should include a link to your system (copy the URL)
  • Example: http://account.betlabssports.com/shared-system.aspx?ScreenId=161210

Entries must be submitted by 7 pm ET on January 17th. The winning system (s) will be chosen by the Bet Labs staff and the winners notified.

Good luck!