The college football season is almost upon us. You probably know that Alabama is favored to repeat and that Deshaun Watson is the early pick for the Heisman but can you pass the College Football Quiz?

  1. Name the last 10 teams to win the College Football Championship.
  1. Name the last 10 players to win the Heisman.
  1. Name the most profitable college football teams in the last 10 years.

How did you do? Some of you likely were able to answer the first two questions but the third one was tricky. So you can sound smart in front of your friends, here are the most and least profitable teams in the last ten seasons.

Most Profitable

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.32.00 AM

The AP released its all-time top 25, Ohio State came out on top. The Buckeyes have been just as good at winning games as cashing tickets. If you bet Ohio State in each game the last ten years you would be up 20.9 units.

The second most profitable team might surprise you. Temple has gone 55-60 straight-up with just four winning seasons in the last decade but the Owls have been good bets. Temple does most of its damage as an underdog: 43-26 ATS, +14.4 units.

Just outside the top 10 is a newcomer to the FBS, Georgia Southern. The Eagles made their move from the FCS in 2014 and from a betting perspective the transition has been flawless. Consecutive 8-4 ATS seasons have improved the program’s all-time record to 20-9 ATS, +9.9 units (14th best).

Other notable teams: Alabama is 35th in the rankings (65-58, +4.4 units), Florida is 44th (62-56, +3.2 units) and all the way down at No. 72 is Michigan State (61-57, +1.2 units).

Least Profitable

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.32.32 AM 

There is no easy way to say this, but Eastern Michigan stinks. In the last ten years the Eagles haven’t had a winning season (6-6 was the best finish in 2011-12). The program has buried bettors too, costing anyone crazy enough to back them 28.95 units.

Kent has won less than 40% (45-69) of its games straight-up in the last ten years but that is by far the most wins among this motley crew. The Golden Flashes are down 17.83 units in that time frame.

Looking at this list, none of the names are surprising, as each program has struggled to win games. However, Michigan (54-64 ATS, -12.7 units), Florida State (56-65 ATS, -12.5 units), Georgia (52-61 ATS, -11.8 units), Notre Dame (54-62 ATS, -11.3 units) and USC (58-65 ATS, -9.7 units) are all among the top 30 least profitable teams to bet.

Here are the top 25 most profitable teams in college football. Want to see the rest, sign-up for a free account.

TeamRecordMoney (units)
Ohio State71-47+20.87
Oklahoma State69-48+17.87
Kansas State67-48+15.60
Bowling Green70-51+15.42
Ball State67-51+12.51
Georgia Southern20-9+9.86
Utah State68-54+8.79
Northern Illinois65-53+8.76
Arkansas State64-54+6.69
Central Michigan65-55+6.51
Boise State63-54+5.64

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