NFL Survivor Analysis – Week 15

by Travis Reed • December 14, 2016

Only three weeks remaining in the season and still hearing that a lot of you are in a battle in your survivor pools.  As I stated in last week’s analysis, it’s important to map out your remaining games, not just take the best game available that week.  Last week, I picked the Falcons as the […]

NFL Survivor Week 12 Analysis

by Travis Reed • November 22, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving week, and no teams are on bye, so we have a full slate of games to choose from.  With so few weeks left, you are likely limited on your options so I’ll try to rank as many teams as possible.  It’s also important to plan ahead at this stage of the game.  Just […]

NFL Teaser Analysis

by Travis Reed • November 17, 2016

Sports betting has become part of the mainstream media at this point.  Point spreads and over/unders are routinely displayed on television and discussed on radio when discussing upcoming games.  One bet type that doesn’t get as much attention is a teaser bet but it is becoming more and more popular.  What many people may not […]

Trend of the Week: Colts vs. Titans

by John Ewing • November 17, 2016

Context The Colts have won ten straight against division rival Tennessee and 15 of their last 16 meetings. Andrew Luck has never lost when facing the Titans. Of course this isn’t the same old Tennessee crew. Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray lead an offense that is surging. Tennessee has averaged an NFL-best 33.7 points over […]

Welcome to Bet Labs Sports!

by Travis Reed • May 14, 2015

Welcome to the brand new betlabssports.com!  We’re excited to have you on our new site and hope that you will be a frequent visitor.  If you are already a Bet Labs user, you already know the power of the Bet Labs software.  If you are new, then this site is here to get you up […]