Why Blowout Losses are Important to Savvy EPL Bettors

by John Ewing • January 10, 2018

Here is what I know about soccer: the U.S. men’s national team didn’t qualify for the World Cup because of a 40/1 nightmare scenario playing out and Christian Pulisic is a star in the making. That’s it, but not being an expert won’t keep me from profiting off of futbol. Bet Labs recently added the […]

2017 Premier League Relegation Odds

by John Ewing • August 8, 2017

Relegation in soccer is when the bottom teams in each league are demoted to a lower division. After the 2016 season, Hull City, Middlesbrough and Sunderland were relegated from the Premier League to the Championship. Who are the favorites to be sent down in 2017? Huddersfield (-150), Brighton (+120) and Burnley (+125) are the oddsmakers […]

Promoted clubs will kill your bankroll

by John Ewing • August 7, 2017

The Premier League will welcome new teams for the 2017-18 season. Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield were all promoted from the EFL Championship. Whatever you do, don’t bet promoted clubs. They will kill your bankroll. Why is betting promoted clubs bad? For starters, these aren’t good teams. Promotion in soccer is a process where teams are […]