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Deshaun Watson worth a TD to Texans

by John Ewing • November 3, 2017

DESHAUN WATSON How Do We Measure Watson’s Loss? It’s rare that an athlete’s season-ending injury makes all of fandom collectively sigh, but that’s what happened with Watson. Not just because he was having such a transcendent and record-setting season as a rookie QB, but because he is so fun to watch. Whether you are a […]

Sharps and Squares Disagree on Bills-Jets

by John Ewing • November 2, 2017

By Chad Millman DESHAUN WATSON The Greatest At Anything Ever You may say that is typical hot-take hyperbole. I say it’s fact, proven by numbers such as these, outlined in our weekly QB breakdown: Watson sports a league-leading 19 TDs and 269 rushing yards for a QB and 100.0 percent consistency ratings. He’s the No. […]

The $20M World Series Hedge

by John Ewing • October 31, 2017

PATS-NINERS TRADE What’s Jimmy G Really Worth? We were all set to lead the newsletter with baseball for the second day in a row, then Bill Belichick decided to steal the show. He finally traded coveted backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, getting a second-round pick from the 49ers. So many questions being asked: Does this mean the […]