The college basketball season tips off Friday, which means there is a cascade of early season tournaments just around the corner. These in-season events give fans a taste of March Madness in November. Fun fact, seven of the past eight national champions have won an early season tourney.

With all these tournaments, how should you attack these betting opportunities? Instead of focusing on the side (against-the-spread), let’s look at the total.

We know that unders have historically provided value to bettors. Using the Bet Labs database we can quickly see the results betting every regular season under going back to 2004.


If you had taken the under in every game you would have gone 17,824-17,631 (50.3%). There is an edge but blindly betting the under is not a winning strategy.

Since we are looking at early season tournaments, we can narrow our focus to just games played on neutral courts using the “Neutral Court” filter.


This filter immediately makes our system profitable. Betting the under on neutral court games during the regular season has gone 1,225-1,074 (53.3%).

Another simple addition, the Game Month filter, increases profitability even more.


Taking the under in neutral court games played during the month of November, remember we are looking at just early season tournaments, has gone 817-686 (54.4%).

We have created a winning betting system with a large sample size. We have shown there is value betting the under in neutral site games played during the month of November (early season tournaments). You could stop here but there is one more filter to add.

Our Pro System, Neutral Court Unders, adds that filter for you to this analysis. The system has been profitable for nine straight years. Over that time frame the Pro System has gone 275-194 (58.6%), +62.9 units betting the under.

You can get the full system by joining Bet Labs. It has never been easier.

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