October baseball is upon us. The 2017 MLB Playoffs start Tuesday with the American League Wild Card game between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins.

A profitable strategy during the regular season is betting against the public.

Wagering on teams getting 30% or less of the moneyline bets works in the regular season and the playoffs. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many postseason games, 25 total since 2005, with lopsided betting.

Betting against the public still works in the postseason but we need to adjust our filters to get a larger sample. Using the simplest definition of betting against the public, teams getting no more than 50% of moneyline bets, we get a system with a large number of games and consistent winning results.

How to bet the MLB Playoffs in 2 Steps

1. Identify the team getting 50% or more of the moneyline tickets

2. Bet the other side

It’s that easy. Of course, we can improve upon this system with additional filters and have already done the heavy lifting for you. Bet Labs users can access our Postseason Betting Against the Public system (107-75, +51.42 units).

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