Question, during Thanksgiving did you limit yourself to just turkey and pumpkin pie? Of course not, you loaded your plate with mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, corn, stuffing, gravy and green bean casserole, not to mention all the delicious pies available on Turkey Day. So why do bettors stick to just the full game spread and total when there is a plethora betting options available?

A wagering opportunity often overlooked is 2nd half lines. The limited time available to place a bet is one factor that keeps recreational bettors at bay. But this small betting window is what makes the lines more easily exploited.

Oddsmakers often have to set second half lines for several games at the same time and have to account for public perception. For example, if a game is trending under the total in the first half many casual bettors will expect the scoring to increase after halftime. Since recreational gamblers like betting the Over anyways the bookmakers will shade the second half line accordingly.

In the NBA, this is an easy tendency that contrarian bettors can capitalize on.

It has been profitable to bet the 2nd half Under when the first half margin went under by double-digits and the total points scored in the first half is less than 100 points. This simple NBA betting strategy is 738-534-25 (58.0%) on the Under since 2005. With a sample size of over 1200 games, these are results bettors can trust. Plus, this betting strategy has only had a losing season once in 14 years.

Bet Labs users can copy this system from our Think Tank. Don’t have time to watch each game? No worries, with Bet Labs notifications users are alerted when a game fits the system, perfect for 2nd half wagering.

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