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Each week we will provide a betting trend for the most interesting NFL games. Some trends will be team specific and others situational. Our database goes back to 2003, the trends include all games in that time frame unless otherwise mentioned.

Panthers (-3) vs. Eagles 

Carson Wentz lit up Arizona’s pass defense throwing for four touchdowns including scores of 59 yards and 72 yards. Philly jumped out to a 21-0 lead and cruised to a 34-7 victory. Oddsmakers know that casual bettors will remember the big plays and the lopsided score. Currently +60% of spread bets are on the Eagles but teams off easy wins have not been kind to bettors.

Teams off an easy win (21 or more points): 46.7% ATS

  • As underdogs 80-105 (43.2%) ATS 

Jets vs. Patriots (-9.5) 

This Week 6 matchup is a pivotal game in the AFC East race but it isn’t expected to be much of a contest. Though the Patriots are heavy favorites, New England is no lock to cover against the Jets.

  • Favorites of more than a touchdown in division games: 149-187 (44.3%) ATS

Broncos (-11.5) vs. Giants

Primetime games receive the most public action and casual bettors like wagering on favorites. With the influx of square bets the oddsmakers will shade the line to the favorites giving value to the underdogs.

  • Double-digit favorites in primetime games: 25-42 (37.3%) ATS

Jaguars (-2.5) vs. Rams 

Two of the most improved teams in the league will meet Sunday afternoon. The Rams have an explosive offense and the Jags a stout defense. Which team should you wager on?

NFL Week 6: Jags-Rams

This Pro System is 57% ATS, +46.57 units since 2005

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Chiefs (-4) vs. Steelers 

KC is undefeated and Pittsburgh just got blown out at home. At the time of publication nearly 80% of spread tickets are on the Chiefs in Arrowhead. When the action is this lopsided it is wise to fade the public.

  • Teams getting <25% of spread bets that lost by a touchdown or more the previous week: 144-101 (58.8%) ATS 

Falcons (-11.5) vs. Dolphins

Is it still profitable to bet NFL teams off a bye? The Falcons have had an extra week to prepare and are big favorites against a Dolphins squad averaging an NFL worst 10.3 points per game.

  • Favorites off a bye: 129-86 (60.0%) ATS