The NFL is a year-round sport. Betting on the NFL is a year-round sport. The NFL Draft is Thursday. If you are jonesing for some football action, don’t worry; there are prop bets for this year’s draft. Here are a few of our favorites from 5Dimes.

Myles Garrett drafted with first pick

  • Yes: -900
  • No: +500

The Texas A&M pass rusher is the consensus top pick in this year’s draft. Unless a team blows away the Browns to trade up for the first overall pick look for Cleveland to take the franchise edge rusher. The implied probability of Garrett going No. 1 is 90%.

Mitch Trubisky first quarterback drafted

  • Yes: -215
  • No: +165

The North Carolina product only started 13 collegiate games but now he is the favorite to be the first quarterback taken in the draft. In our mock draft Trubisky goes in the top 5.

Leonard Fournette first running back drafted

  • Yes: -460
  • No: +320

Fournette or Christian McCaffery, which back will be the better pro? The oddsmakers seem to think that teams are more interested in Fournette. Some mocks have the LSU star going as high as No. 4 to the Jags.

Quarterbacks taken in 1st Round

  • Over: 3.5: +165
  • Under 3.5: -205

Since 2000, only four drafts featured more than three quarterbacks being taken in the first round. The odds suggest there is a 67.2% chance that three or less are taken on Thursday.

Running Backs taken in 1st Round

  • Over: 2.5: -350
  • Under 2.5: +260

The consensus seems to be that Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffery will go in the first round but three running backs haven’t been selected in the 1st Round since 2012 and only once in the last six years.

Wide Receivers taken in 1st Round

  • Over: 3: -110
  • Under 3: -120

The NFL is a passing league and teams love drafting playmakers on the outside. At least four receivers have been drafted in the first round in each of the last three drafts and in four of the last five drafts.

Place Kicker selected in Round 1 to 3

  • Yes: +330
  • No: -450

Only four kickers have been taken in the first three rounds since 2000 (only 1 since 2005). Roberto Aguayo is the most recent and the Buccaneers already regret that pick from last year.

Offensive vs. Defensive players 1st Round

  • Defense -5.5: +140
  • Offense +5.5: -170

There has only been one year since 2010 that more offensive players were drafted in the first round than defensive players.

Alabama players taken in 1st Round

  • Over 4.5: -110
  • Under 4.5: -120

At least one Bama player has been selected in the first round every year since 2009. According to there are seven Crimson Tide players from last year’s national runner-up that rank in the top 36 among draftees.

O.J. Howard draft position

  • Over 8.5: -260
  • Under 8.5: +180

A tight end has been taken in the 1st Round nine times since 2005, six of them have made Pro Bowls.

Christian McCaffery draft position

  • Over 8.5: -160
  • Under 8.5: +120

McCaffery is going to be drafted in the 1st Round, just how high will the pass-catching running back go? The top ten might be a stretch.

Deshaun Watson draft position

  • Over 12.5: +105
  • Under 12.5: -145

Watson is battling Trubisky to be the top quarterback taken in this year’s class. If Watson isn’t the first quarterback off the board the odds suggest he won’t wait long to hear his name.

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