The NFL regular season is in the books. How did teams perform against their preseason win total? Here is a look back by the numbers.

1 – Cleveland had the lowest win total of any team and easily managed to go UNDER by winning just one game

2 – the number of playoff teams to go UNDER their posted win total (Seahawks and Packers)

3 – number of teams to push their total (Broncos, Saints and Eagles)

4.5 – the largest number of wins UNDER a posted win total (Panthers, Bears and Jags)

5 – number of teams to go OVER their win total by 3.5 games, most in the NFL (Patriots, Cowboys, Raiders, Falcons and Titans)

6 – teams whose over/under wasn’t decided until Week 17

13 – number of teams to go OVER win total

16 – number of teams to go UNDER win total

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New England Patriots10.514
Pittsburgh Steelers10.511
Green Bay Packers10.510
Seattle Seahawks10.510
Carolina Panthers10.56
Dallas Cowboys9.513
Kansas City Chiefs9.512
Indianapolis Colts9.58
Minnesota Vikings9.58
Arizona Cardinals9.57
Cincinnati Bengals9.56
Denver Broncos99
Oakland Raiders8.512
Houston Texans8.59
Baltimore Ravens8.58
New York Giants811
Buffalo Bills87
New York Jets85
Atlanta Falcons7.511
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.59
Washington Redskins7.58
Los Angeles Rams7.54
Chicago Bears7.53
Jacksonville Jaguars7.53
Miami Dolphins710
Detroit Lions79
New Orleans Saints77
Philadelphia Eagles77
San Diego Chargers75
Tennessee Titans5.59
San Francisco 49ers5.52
Cleveland Browns4.51