The 2017 MLB season is nearly here and I speak for the whole team at Bet Labs when I say we are really excited for the upcoming season.  We’re not just excited because we are baseball fans, but also because the marathon that is the MLB season is a great opportunity for Bet Labs users to boost their bankroll.

I was always get confused during the baseball season as many of our customers decide to leave and come back during football season.  I’m not confounded by the popularity difference between the two, I’m just surprised that users aren’t taking advantage of the winning systems that MLB provides.  There are 30 teams playing 162 games per year.  With that many data points, we have more information than we have in any other sport and we rarely have to worry about sample size.

Perhaps you don’t bet baseball because you don’t enjoy watching the game.  If this is the reason you aren’t betting, then you are using gambling as entertainment rather as an investment opportunity.  Putting your money in an index fund isn’t that much fun to watch either, but if it is making money then it is accomplishing its goal.

We currently have 14 PRO systems in our Think Tank available to all Bet Labs members.  Last season, those 14 systems combined to produce a profit of 117 units.  These aren’t chase systems or manipulating the number of units bet on each game.  By betting $100 on each PRO system pick last season, a bettor would have made $11,700 over the course of the season.

You can now join Bet Labs for only $49 with our Starter membership.  You’ll be able to start copying and following these PRO systems for the entire season.

Below is the breakdown for all 14 PRO systems and their performance last season and since we started tracking in 2005.

System2016 UnitsSince 2005
Road Div Dogs off a Win7.24235.42
Bad Team After Win17.93197.3
Contrarian Betting Against Good Team4.44160
Contrarian Unders for Winning Teams36.69155.64
Betting Against the Public12.96154.51
MLB Dogs with High Totals-5.84140.64
Average AL Teams vs NL5.66119.44
Weather: Wind Blowing In7.61101.72
MLB Sunday Unders on Over Streak10.697.7
Contrarian Runline against Elite Teams9.1682.7
Wrigley Field Unders4.4555.38
Late Season Overs at Coors-3.1353.84
Postseason BAP after a Win4.2851.42
First Week5.0638.81