The West defeated the East 192-182 in the NBA All-Star game on Sunday. The Association resumes play on Thursday. In case you missed it, here is a recap of all the betting action in the NBA’s first half.

1h Betting Trends

  • Favorites: 416-423 (49.6%) ATS
  • Home teams: 429-407 (51.3%) ATS
  • Overs: 437-404 (52.0%)
  • Teams with winning records: 358-371 (49.1%) ATS
  • Betting against the public (<50% of the tickets): 428-422 (50.4%) ATS

Biggest Money-line Upsets

  • Kings +1198 vs. Warriors (2/4/17)
  • Grizzlies +1051 at Warriors (1/6/17)
  • Grizzlies +916 at Clippers (11/16/16)
  • Magic +798 at Spurs (11/29/16)
  • Mavericks +767 at Spurs (1/29/17)
  • Lakers +767 at Hawks (11/2/16)
  • Suns +736 vs. Spurs (1/14/17)
  • Grizzlies +736 vs. Warriors (12/10/16)

Most Profitable ATS Teams

Trust the process. The team that Sam Hinkie built is the most profitable against-the-spread team in the NBA at the All-Star break. The Sixers are on pace for their first profitable season since 2011.

The Blazers (22-34 ATS, -$1,302), Bucks (22-33 ATS, -$1,197) and Magic (23-33 ATS, -$1,147) are the least profitable ATS teams at this point in the season.

NBA Totals

NBA totals are on the rise, 85.3% of games have over/unders of 200 points or more (closing line). That percentage has steadily been increasing over the last few years.

  • 2016-17 = 85.3%
  • 2015-16 = 72.5%
  • 2014-15 = 49.6%
  • 2013-14 = 54.3%
  • 2012-13 = 30.1%

The OVER this season in games with totals of 200-plus points is 373-345 (51.9%). Will games with high totals continue to go OVER or will there be value on the UNDER?

Here are the best OVER teams in the NBA this season.

Which head coach will be fired first? 

Could this be the first season in 35 years with no NBA coach fired? While no head coach has been relieved of their duties yet this season there are a number of teams that could pull the trigger. Fred Hoiberg and Alvin Gentry remain the favorites to get canned but the Pelicans trade for Boogie Cousins could prolong Gentry’s tenure in New Orleans.

Profitable Referees

NBA officials have a big impact on games. Knowing which referees will be officiating games is important. Here are the best “Home Refs” against-the-spread for this season. You can use the Bet Labs database to find the best Road Refs, Best Over Refs and Best Under Refs.



James Harden is the favorite after opening the season at 14/1 odds. The Rockets are currently 3rd in the West and will push the Warriors/Spurs for the top seeds in the conference. Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double and is Harden’s main competition. Anthony Davis just won the All-Star game MVP, he is a longshot at 100/1 odds.

NBA ATS Pro Systems are 127-109, +$1,236 this season

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