We are halfway through the NBA regular season. The Warriors and Cavs sit atop their respective conferences as expected but how are teams doing compared to preseason expectations. Here is a midseason look at the NBA win totals.

Golden State has the best record in basketball at 34-6 and are on pace to win 70 games. According to fivethirtyeight.com’s “CARM-Elo” model the Dubs will win 67 games, a tick below their preseason projections but still good enough to cover the highest win total in the Association.

The Cavs are also in line to go over their preseason win total of 56.5 games. In fact, six of the seven teams with the highest win totals in the NBA are currently projected to go Over as are 17 of the 30 squads in the league.

Over Performing Teams

  • Rockets – 45 wins to 59 wins
  • Grizzlies – 35 wins to 47 wins
  • Bucks – 32 wins to 42 wins

Houston is one of the pleasant surprises this season. After a .500 campaign that resulted in the firing of Kevin McHale, the Rockets have returned to form. James Harden is the MVP favorite and Houston is challenging the Warriors for the top seed in the West.

Grit-and-grind isn’t dead and the Greek Freak has fans in Milwaukee excited about the future.

Under Performing Teams

  • Timberwolves – 46 wins to 32 wins
  • Heat – 33 wins to 26 wins
  • Mavericks – 37 wins to 30 wins

Minnesota was expected to take a step forward this season and compete for a playoff berth. Despite loads of young talent (Karl-Anthony Towns, Anderw Wiggins, Zach LaVine) the T-Wolves are on pace to finish in the bottom of the Western Conference.

The Heat and Mavs were fringe playoff teams coming into the season; injuries and poor play have dampened each team’s postseason aspirations.

TeamsWin TotalPreseason Proj.Current Proj.
Golden State Warriors66.56867
San Antonio Spurs56.55261
Houston Rockets41.54559
Cleveland Cavaliers56.55757
Toronto Raptors49.55156
Boston Celtics51.54752
Los Angeles Clippers53.54851
Utah Jazz47.55151
Oklahoma City Thunder45.55047
Memphis Grizzlies43.53547
Atlanta Hawks43.53845
Milwaukee Bucks39.53242
Charlotte Hornets39.54542
Washington Wizards42.53841
Chicago Bulls38.54540
Portland Trail Blazers46.54639
Indiana Pacers43.53739
Detroit Pistons45.53938
New York Knicks38.53535
Denver Nuggets34.54035
New Orleans Pelicans36.53533
Orlando Magic36.53833
Sacramento Kings32.53433
Minnesota Timberwolves41.54632
Dallas Mavericks39.53730
Phoenix Suns26.53128
Los Angeles Lakers24.52528
Miami Heat36.53326
Philadelphia 76ers27.52926
Brooklyn Nets20.52317