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Comparing the Patriots Dynasty to the Rise of Bitcoin

by Travis Reed • January 11, 2018

Bitcoin has officially gone mainstream.  You can’t turn on the news, check Facebook, or scroll through your Twitter feed without a mention of Bitcoin or the newest cryptocurrency that is sure to go to the moon.  Some of the most popular stories come from early adopters who have now become millionaires.  If only we could […]

NFL Refs Bettors Need to Know for the Divisional Round

by John Ewing • January 11, 2018

It was a rough Wild Card weekend for NFL officials. Criticism came from all directions including Mike Pereira, the league’s former Vice President of Officiating. Horrible way to start the playoffs. I hate to say it but this was not a good performance by the crew. Teams and fans deserve better. — Mike Pereira (@MikePereira) […]

Why Blowout Losses are Important to Savvy EPL Bettors

by John Ewing • January 10, 2018

Here is what I know about soccer: the U.S. men’s national team didn’t qualify for the World Cup because of a 40/1 nightmare scenario playing out and Christian Pulisic is a star in the making. That’s it, but not being an expert won’t keep me from profiting off of futbol. Bet Labs recently added the […]

Can Backup Quarterbacks Be Trusted in the NFL Playoffs?

by John Ewing • January 10, 2018

There are a lot of great backups – a backup plan (like a boy scout, be prepared), backup generator (keep the power running) and backup cowbell (more cowbell, baby!) – but a second-string signal caller in the playoffs isn’t one of them. Nick Foles will start for Philadelphia on Saturday, filling in for Carson Wentz […]